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Call For Contributions


"The WSV2025 3rd conference will be held in 06-08 MAY 2025 at the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The WSV2025 scientific program will include special symposia on viral pandemic threats as well as sessions on different disciplines of virology including One Health, human, animal, plant, fungal, archaeal, and bacterial viruses; both clinical / applied virology and basic science. Final sessions will be created upon the abstracts received.”

Submit your abstract


Guidelines  for Abstract Submission

  • Only abstracts involving virology will be accepted for presentation.

  • All abstracts must be written in English and submitted only once, via this webpage, by the presenting author whose e-mail address should be given. A second e-mail can also be given.

  • The text needs to be proofread for spelling, grammar and scientific correctness before submission. Corrections after the deadline are not accepted.

  • Original research is generally recommended. 

  • Please choose the most suitable topic or field for your abstract. The organizers will allocate the accepted abstracts into suitable sessions according to the topic or field of virology chosen by the presenting author. 

  • Please choose your preference of presentation type: oral, poster or either. The organizers will notify the presenter if and when the abstract is accepted for a talk or for a poster.

  • The presenting author should have registered for the Conference before abstract submission. 

  • All co-authors should have accepted the content of the abstract and that the abstract is distributed, published, displayed online, and in the abstract book by WSV.

  • The abstracts may be published one week before the Conference, for attendees to have time to view them.

  • All Oral sessions will be moderated live sessions with live Q&A and the Posters need to be placed on poster boards, provided by the University

  • For poster presentation, poster board/panel is: 70 cm width x 98 cm height (vertical position).

The Abstracts

  • In the abstract, write the title, author names, their affiliations, and then the bulk text, not exceeding one page.

  • The title should be CAPITALIZED  and concise, but informative.

  • The authors should be written in the order of 1. first name, (with or without additional first name initial(s)), 2. family name, all co-authors in a row, and then the affiliation(s) as short as possible. Please list the universities or main organizations with which the authors are affiliated and their countries. DO NOT include your department, or P.O. BOX

  • The presenting author’s name should be underlined.

  • The word limit of the abstract bulk text is 300 words. Do not include figures or tables or references in the abstract


5 Dec final example abstract.png
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