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Practical Information


Travelling to the city centre from the airport


It costs approximately 15–20 EUR to travel from the airport to the city centre. Although there are many taxi companies that provide their services at the airport, we recommend that you choose Baltic Taxi or Red Cab.

  • Baltic Taxi (green cars)
    Phone: +371 20008500

  • Red Cab (red cars)
    Phone: +371 60008383

  • Bolt (you should download the application)

Bus #22

(Airport–Rīga City Centre–Airport)

A one-way ticket costs 2 EUR.  It can be purchased from the bus driver or at a Narvesen newsstand.

Public transportation in Rīga

The main provider of public transportation in Rīga is Rīgas Satiksme LLC. The company runs busses, trolleybuses and trams on more than 80 routes that cover the entire city. All public transport types have strict timetables (usually from 5:00 to 0:00) and, unless anything extraordinary happens, are highly reliable. Timetables can be found at each public transport stop as well on Rīgas Satiksme’s homepage.


WVS2023 will provide you with a 3 day ticket at the registration desk, but to get to the Conference venue – Rīga Stradiņš university, you need to purchase a 1-time ticket for 1.50 EUR at the at a Narvesen newsstand.

Visa information

Participants of a foreign country may require visa before entering Latvia, advance travel planning and early visa application is encouraged. 

Please use the links provided below to assist you with your planning.

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